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Since nearly 100% of my business is generated by referrals from past clients and various professionals, it is imperative that we at Chisholm Lending deliver the best mortgage options and financial advice available in the marketplace today.  We are very passionate about serving our clients and have an expectation to deliver excellence in every transaction. Simply put, most people have the wrong mortgage, the wrong rate, for the wrong length of time, thereby costing them a significant amount of money. The goal of this website is to provide helpful information to assist consumers, Real Estate Professionals, Networking Professional Partners and their clients to make informed decisions regarding real estate related financing.

Michael Reeder, Lender

Michael has lived in North Texas for over 20 years and has had the honor to work in the real estate industry since 2002. For Michael, the greatest thing about being a loan officer is being a part of the process that helps people find the perfect home for them. It is in our homes where important memories are made, kids are molded, and community is built.
Chisholm Lending strives to make your lending experience simple and seamless. One significant way we do this is by providing you with an online mortgage application.